A brief intro

Well, here I am, just another youngen preaching to a choir of close followers in the form of a blog. Most likely, you are here due to one or more of the following reasons: 1) I suggested it. 2) You are a close friend or family member to whom I am too lazy to fully describe what I do. 3) You are a paranoid student or teacher that has gone about every which way of finding my online presence just to hear about what I really think about you. For whatever reason you are here, it is unlikely I need to convince you that my job is awesome. You know me well enough to have heard me tell you ad infinitum that my job is awesome. So, I'm going to do what other youngens do on these things--I am going to tell you about things that I have seen: from emotional and physical abuse to empowered spirits and opened minds. I will discuss the things I have done, the things I am doing, and the things I hope to do soon. But, most of importantly, this is not my blog. This is a blog that has a student voice--the voice for which I serve and the voice for which City Year dedicates its organization. This isn't about the life of another liberal suburban white boy trying to change the world; it's about the stories of forgotten youth, the stories of students who have given up academically, it's about the team of encouraging 17 to 24 year-olds that work 50 hours a week to ensure success and happiness for the most important individuals in our world today.